توجه ! این یک نسخه آرشیو شده میباشد و در این حالت شما عکسی را مشاهده نمیکنید برای مشاهده کامل متن و عکسها بر روی لینک مقابل کلیک کنید : یوزپلنگ در چنگال یک گراز بی باک ( گزارش تصویری )

2012/01/04, 20:37
گراز بی باک منوی غذای خود را عوض کرده و در حال شکار یوزپلنگ است. سرانجام چیتا از دست گراز فرار کرده وبدنبال شکار آسانتر می گردد.دشمن طبیعی یوز، سگ گله و پلنگ است. برخلاف تصور مردم، یوزها حیوانات آرامی هستند و هرگز به دام های اهلی حمله نمیکنند. غذای اصلی یوزپلنگ را آهو، جبیر، قوچ و میش، کل و بز و خرگوش تشکیل می دهد که امروزه به دلیل شکار بیرویه شکارچیان غیرمجاز مجهز به خودروها و موتورسیکلت های قدرتمند صحرایی، جمعیت آنها نیز به شدت در حال کاهش است.

Fast food: Hunter becomes the hunted as warthog turns the dinner tables on fast-moving cheetah

This is the incredible moment a fearless warthog gave a new meaning to the term fast food - by dramatically cheating a cheetah who wanted it for dinner.
The warthog was minding its own business in the Tshukudu Private Game Reserve in South Africa, blissfully unaware that it was being stalked by a hungry predator.
The cheetah is the fastest-moving animal in the world and, when it sets its sights on something to eat, the usual outcome is not good for the prey.
And they're off: After meticulously stalking its prey, this cheetah uses its breathtaking speed to close the distance between its hiding place and its meal. It looks like curtains for the chubby little warthog
But, combining a never-say-die survival instinct with stunning bravery, the warthog performed a quick U-turn and charged towards the baffled cheetah.
A warthog's thick skull and sharp tusks could do life-threatening damage, and the cheetah seemed well aware of the danger - bringing its char4ge to an abrupt halt and bolting in the opposite direction.
The spectacular shots were captured by wildlife photographer Stu Porter, 36, who couldn't believe his eyes as the extraordinary episode unfolded.
Hang on, what's this? Combining a never-say-die attitude with stunning bravery, the warthog executes a swift U-turn and takes the fight directly to her pursuer. The cheetah looks more than a little surprised
He said: 'The cheetah carefully stalked the female warthog after spotting it in the distance, before bursting into life and giving chase at unbelievable pace.
'It made up so much ground on the warthog in almost no time at all, and looked as though it was about to catch it and kill it for dinner.
'But in the space of a few seconds the warthog suddenly turned and confronted the cheetah, which seemed a bit shocked and stopped still in its tracks.
My turn to do the chasing: The warthog's thick skull and sharp tusks could inflict fatal injuries to the lithe cheetah - a fact the now scaredy cat seems to appreciate
'After an aggressive move towards the cheetah, making its characteristic but rarely heard warning call, the cheetah quickly turned tail and ran for its own safety.
'This warthog was a formidable foe and continued to give chase until it had moved far enough away - almost catching it with its sharp tusks.
'In the end the cheetah backed off and the warthog ran with its tail in the air in the opposite direction, delighted with the fact that it had chased of a cheetah. It was very funny to watch the role reversal, and the noises from the warthog added to the humour of the situation.'