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2012/01/01, 22:41
کمپانی هوندا در تایلند به دلیل سیل زدگی، روز پنج شنبه هفته قبل دستور نابودی ۱۰۵۵ دستگاه آخرین مدل خودروهای خود را داد.دلیل این کار هوندا برای اطمینان هرچه بیشتر به مشتریان است تا مطمئن شوند قرار نیست خودرو های سیل زده هوندا را خریداری کنند.
اما به راستی آیا شرکت های خودروساز داخلی حاضر به انجام چنین کاری برای رفاه مشتریان خود هستند؟در شرایطی که شرکت های خودروساز داخلی به دلیل قرار دادن ترمز ای.بی.اس که وظیفه آنهاست و جزو آپشن خودرو محسوب نمی شود هزینه بیشتری از مشتری دریافت میکنند نباید به این مسائل امید چندانی داشت.

Honda scraps over 1000 cars affected by Thailand flood

Posted on December 28, 2011

Honda Automobile (Thailand) has kicked off a major program to scrap a total of 1055 cars that were affected by the flood in its plant in central Thailand, the company announced on Tuesday.
The cars involved are Brio, Jazz, City, Civic, Accord, CR-V and Freed. “We made every effort to protect our plant, but with the massive amount of flood water.. 1055 vehicles that remained in the plant were finally damaged by the flood,” Pitak Pruittisarikorn, executive vice president of Honda Thailand, told a press conference.
On-site demonstrations showed that the specialist workers hired by Honda to dismantle the cars first, drain the remaining liquids from the engine and then dissemble the car by delicate steps. Finally, the skeleton of the car was lifted by a crane into a gigantic mobile pressing machine which turned it into a compressed cube for recycling purposes.
According to Pitak, the process of scrapping the cars, which is expected to be finished within one month, had stringent controls to ensure that it was done in an environmentally- responsible way.
The program was a reflection of Honda’s commitment to delivering the “highest quality” to its customers, Pitak added, ” We will not sell any of the damaged cars to customers, or reuse any of the parts”.
To ensure transparency, the vehicle identification numbers of all the cars will be made public on the website of Honda (Thailand .